Continued Professional Development

COVER offers support, accredited CPD and advice to teachers to aid their career progression. Courses are offered at no cost, in variety of subjects, often led by specialists in their field or offered online.

Previous CPD courses have included:

  • The New Primary Maths Curriculum
  • Effective Supply Teaching + Behaviour Management
  • Safeguarding Children (online)
  • First Aid.
  • An Introduction to Interactive Whiteboard Use.
  • Mind Mapping and Brain Gym.
  • Storytelling and Storymaking: A Creative Approach

Feedback from teachers
"I found the course to be very useful especially the part on the maths mastery curriculum.  This is an important area of hot topic in schools at present."

"Relevant and current for all supply teachers - primary/secondary/NQT/those with longer term experience. Good pitch/delivery style.  Useful that the trainer had EBD experience to highlight different levels of behaviour and discuss appropriate strategies."